My 4 Steps to Better Photography

It has been a little while since my last blog as I have moved home and only now have wifi. However, I thought I give you a little insight in to the way I work and how I approach a job. 

Each brief is different but my approach always remains the same… cement the brief in my brain (understand it inside and out), carry out necessary research to ensure I give myself (and my client) the best representation, visualise possible locations beforehand and make a list of all potential shots. The four steps again:

1) cement brief (understand it inside and out)

2) research, research and research your subject matter

3) visualise 

4) make lists of potential shots

With the speed of digital cameras it's so easy to shoot absolutely everything as memory cards can now hold thousands of images, you can delete at your leisure and there's no need for dark rooms anymore as you can upload images straight from the camera to PC or Mac. However, this approach doesn't work for me and shouldn't be the approach of a professional. 

A little insight into my approach to photography but I've found adhering to these four steps really gives me the confidence when I'm either in the studio or on location.


Nat x