New Client & Landmarks of Leamington Spa

I'm sure everyone loves a challenge… right? For all the runners, maybe it's finally time to enter the London Marathon you've been putting off for years? For Sales Reps, hit target early in the month rather than wait until the very last day to bring in business? Or, Birdwatchers, maybe you stay that extra hour... you never know what you might miss? Ok, I'm starting to sound a tad AA Gill now so I'll just get straight to the point...

… I have just landed a new client and I'm now their 'go to photographer' for all future projects. The company is called The Open Door Company and they have an interesting model as an interior design business. They work with new build developments to create stunning interiors and also do business across both public and private sectors. They set me a rather delicious challenge for my first project… photograph my hometown and capture landmarks of Leamington.

Brief history lesson (about me) I was born in Leamington and after studying photography at university moved to Cardiff to work for BBC Wales. After three years working in the media (in South Wales) moved to London to play drums in a band to lead my life as a rich and famous rock star! Well, it didn't quite work out that way… however after trying hard to get a record deal… we came close... but couldn't make that final break and the band slowly fizzled out so I moved back to my hometown (two years ago) to set up my photography business.  

When I found out I was to photograph Leamington Spa in all its' glory I found myself thinking 'just grab my camera and hit the streets!' However, that's not my approach to photography and it's not my approach when I work for clients. 

Leamington is the town I know so well and I want to do it justice. When I'm on location I'll leave my camera in its' bag and take a walk around to see if I can capture a shot from a different perspective. It didn't take long to find inspiration as Leamington is such a fascinating town with a huge variety of architecture and mostly the gloriously splendour of Regency style. Huge white facades dominate the town which I guess is a rather picture-postcard image of Leamington. When Leamington opened a Royal Pump Room & Spa it brought great wealth to the town as the water was considered highly desirable with healing properties.

Wide tree-lined boulevards, Georgian and Edwardian architecture, Leamington has been described as 'the best bits of London, all in a ten-minute walk'. If you're from Leamington, or you've visited the town, which landmarks would you choose?

A few images from my shoot...


Nat x

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My 4 Steps to Better Photography

It has been a little while since my last blog as I have moved home and only now have wifi. However, I thought I give you a little insight in to the way I work and how I approach a job. 

Each brief is different but my approach always remains the same… cement the brief in my brain (understand it inside and out), carry out necessary research to ensure I give myself (and my client) the best representation, visualise possible locations beforehand and make a list of all potential shots. The four steps again:

1) cement brief (understand it inside and out)

2) research, research and research your subject matter

3) visualise 

4) make lists of potential shots

With the speed of digital cameras it's so easy to shoot absolutely everything as memory cards can now hold thousands of images, you can delete at your leisure and there's no need for dark rooms anymore as you can upload images straight from the camera to PC or Mac. However, this approach doesn't work for me and shouldn't be the approach of a professional. 

A little insight into my approach to photography but I've found adhering to these four steps really gives me the confidence when I'm either in the studio or on location.


Nat x 

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My website had the official launch today and as you can imagine I very excited.  I've been very busy beavering away at it for the past couple of months now to make it tip top and hope you enjoy the experience.

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